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Company Profile

"RICH" is RICH Enterprise registered brand for PSA air separation plants on worldwide market.
Nowadays, we are exporting PSA nitrogen generator, nitrogen purifier, VPSA & PSA oxygen generator, high purity oxygen plant, air separation plant, screw air compressor and other air separation-related equipment from China to overseas market.

Our mission is to develop the growth opportunities for dealers through our personalized services and competitive products. We aim to be one of the best suppliers for all air separation plants and gas purifiers in the world.

In the past, our marketing service reaches Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America and products have been exported to more than 20 countries and widely applied to petroleum, chemical engineering, coal mine, metallurgy, automobile, medical treatment, Waste battery recycling, food, aviation, etc; we try to offer our customers the best value with competitive price, high quality and timely delivery. It is our pleasure that we had established long-term partnership with different dealers and end-users around the world, which made us reputable in the field. It is sure that we will continuously support the people with passion in this booming business arena. We truly hope you will take all our advantages to overcome today’s challenge on the market and go for your great success!